loveKILLEDkurt is a Nirvana Tribute band capturing the spirit of the live performances of this legendary trio for those who were not able to see them play live 20 years ago. Do you wish you could have been there for those chaotic performances? loveKILLEDkurt of course covers all the hits but really revels in exploring the deep cuts and forgotten treasures as well. The trio excels at combining the crunch, energy and wail of Nirvana’s live performances with a keen ear for the arrangement and melodic feel of the album recordings.
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John Bielesch


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loveKILLEDkurt is a Nirvana tribute band we do the unplugged set electric set or both. A typical show for loveKILLEDkurt is 24 songs 6 unplugged 20 min change over video (kurt tribute) then 18 song electric set. loveKILLEDkurt is a philadelphia band that will tour anywhaere.
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Booking Info:John Bielesch 267-515-4555


lovekilledkurt.com facebook.com/lovekilledkurtband


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we also sponsored Jaxsons 12 pack 93.3 wmmr

loveKILLEDkurt simply means the act of love, all the bad Kurt loved in his life caused his death loveKILLEDkurt as a band has never nor will we ever entertain the idea of a conspiracy theory loveKILLEDkurt is a mere coincidence that Courtney's last name is Love so save the hate mail please!